TECHCRETE, 20 years experience in concrete spraying

Our Approach

The Concrete Products Team provides support for every phase of your project. The technical support phase started years ago with extensive testing later validated by an evaluation report. The guidelines of the evaluation report are used to convert your traditionally reinforced project into a TSMR reinforced project. After this engineering support phase, CPD technical support becomes focused on both the material supplier as well as the concrete contractor to make sure both have the information needed for a successful project.

Our Story

CPD was the first company to introduce TSMR to the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Since its introduction to KC, the amount of TSMR reinforced concrete projects is impressive; everything from interstate bridge deck overlays on I-470 to over 1000 residential basement foundations in just a few years time.

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Send us structural plans for your project so we can convert your rebar schedule to TSMR.